FRAK / Fritidsakademiet

Here’s a quick editorial design of 64-page spiral-bound book for FRAK (“Fritidsakademiet”). I’m always up for seeing how much is possible given a tight deadline and a basic design manual. This book was created as a hand-out for an annual conference where FRAK is briefing current and potential donors on its progress. Read on below the gallery if you want to know what FRAK is.

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FRAK is a social-economic initiative who create gardening and event jobs for young people from low-income families. In doing this they help young people explore themselves through work and the community emerging from working with other young people. It’s a simple idea and it makes a world of a difference to a young person searching for her/his way in the world.

FRAK is a simple idea. The best ideas are usually easily explained. Any idea requiring a long-winded explanation is not likely to be received as a very good idea. This is my observation and guideline when designing within the realm of ideas.

If the client agrees to it I always welcome the opportunity to give my outsiders take on the manuscript too, making sure we are rolling the layout and the tone of words into a uniform object. The people and purpose of FRAK made this quite easy.