»The Golden

Middle Way«

Why is compromising so difficult?

This is the question I grapple with in this symbol-heavy infographic t-shirt.

To explain what is going on I made an animated short film. Below the film I explain why t-shirts as a tool of mass-communication thrills me so.

When you see someone in a t-shirt with a message or slogan you’re never quite sure who to ascribe the message to. Even absurd bursts of anger are usually tolerated if it is in the shape of a t-shirt. Is it being said by the t-shirt or the wearer of the t-shirt? The vacuum of agency is a work space for hairy and convoluted messages. And there are plenty of complex topics in need of scrutiny in the open format of the human body. There is no better canvas.

Let me know if there’s any topic you would like to have explained on a t-shirt. No question is too big. Everything can be explained. Only the explanation could get long and abstract. Not a problem as I see it.

Digital direct to garment-print on piqué-knit fabric t-shirt. S / M / L sizes available. Send me an email to order. Price 30€ (excluding postage). Be advised the title on the t-shirt is printed in Danish. wz@williamzeuthen.dk

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