This is an instrumental album I made with my band “Weirdozer”.

The music of Weirdozer is an exploration of what I find exiting about music: surprise, attitude, melody, fun, harmonic shifts and the apparent randomness of three persons working together. In the same room. At the same time.

Weirdozer is Christian Ankerstjerne (band: “Town Portal“), Nicklas Sørensen (band: “Papir“) and William Zeuthen. Have a listen or download the album below. Some more thoughts about what makes music exiting below the player.

The were recorded when I lived with Nicklas, who plays the guitar leads. Christian and I would work out backtracks on an arranger keyboard and when a backtrack was ready, wake up Nicklas and save him from his ill-planned evening nap and compel him to improvise over the backtrack the very first time he heard it.

So naturally there’s a lot melodic threading water fearful of the next impossible jazz chord from arranger keyboard and some blind guesswork but also the occasional spasm of simple melodic beauty.

I hope you like our sound.

The album was produced by Jacob Funch (Gold Records).
Cover art by me.

Or listen from Spotify.

Or write an email to buy a cassette.